The New Jersey Wilds

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Thousands Sign Petition to Help "Pedals," The Injured Bipedal Bear

We do not want to have any ill feelings or hostility in regards to this. We simply feel that this bear is too thin going into winter, and he would benefit from some assistance.
— Orphaned Wildlife Sanctuary, in a letter to the NJ Division for Fish and Wildlife

Residents of New Jersey have reported sightings of a young black bear walking on its hind legs due to his front paws either being missing or injured. The bear's whereabouts are currently unknown, but many citizens have signed a petition to search and rescue the injured animal before the scheduled state-wide bear hunt on December 7th, which could put both the bear and those searching for him in jeopardy. Read about it here.

Warren County Landowner Gives 31-Acre Property to Conservation Efforts

I’d recommend to any owner of acres of undeveloped, unspoiled land the donation of a conservation easement to a private institution or governmental body that can be counted on to enforce its terms. Such donations, carried out under the guidance of The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, not only protect precious woods, fields, and wetlands, but promote intelligent development elsewhere by combating sprawl.
— Benjamin Gerson, who preserved his large property

The owner of a 31-acre stretch of land in Warren County has given his property to nature conservation organizations to be guaranteed protection and maintenance of the land. With the state's rapidly-expanding manufacturing industry, it's important that land is set aside to take in animals such as box turtles, bobcats, salamanders, and owls, whose habitats are destroyed. Read about Mr. Gerson's generous offering.

Warblers Bring Sights, Sounds, and Revenue to Cape May

Warblers are a highlight of spring birding in New Jersey, which contributes to the state’s $1.2 billion ecotourism industry. In Cape May alone, ecotourism generated $544 million last year.
— Cape May Tourism Department

A perfect example of the importance of New Jersey wildlife to both the state economy and the area's beauty: migrating warblers attract numerous tourists from all over the country, bringing not only profits to the county and state, but also an atmosphere of appreciation for New Jersey's nature. Read about how warblers help Cape May here.