The New Jersey Wilds

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Ways to Help Wildlife in New Jersey

Refrain from hunting and prevent others as well! Hunting depletes the population and causes many animals to become endangered.

Refrain from keeping wild animals as pets because this discourages the harvesting of wild animals.

Do not poison water when fishing because this can damage the entire water ecosystem in that area and severely damage the population size of many species.

Volunteer in wildlife conservation organization and/ or join different conservation projects.

Donate to wildlife conservation associations because this can provide funding to help preserve animals and their habitats.

Plant a garden! Planting a garden can provide food and nutrients for insects and birds who have been losing their resources and nutrients due to harmful and negative human activity.

Donate/ offer your private property so conservation organizations can use it to free animals and revitalize wildlife. The Animal Rehabilitators Alliance of NJ is actually searching for private property; the details can be found here.

Do not feed mammals! Feeding mammals makes them more dependent on humans, which would not be a beneficial trait or characteristic for those animals who have to live in the wild.

One of the best ways to preserve wildlife is to educate others about wildlife and its importance to not only the environment and ecosystem but also humans. By teaching others about the importance of wildlife and raising awareness about it, we can gain support to fight the companies and those who are willing to kill animals and their habitats for selfish and economical reasons. Also the more people know about something the more they will care for it, and so if everybody understands the importance of wildlife and the environment, we as a society can come together to create a change and help the animals in our environment.